Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Girl Power.

Every year my Facebook feed floods with comments, photos, and statuses about the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Fat shaming, calling people’s lifestyles unhealthy or grotesque, insinuating the women must having eating disorders, not to mention the frequent comments objectifying the women on the runway. I’m so done. Over it.

The models who walk the runway dedicate their lives to being fit to appear. Are some of them very thin? Yes. Are they some of the most beautiful women I have ever seen? Yes. Should they be accused of having eating disorders merely because they are deemed to thin for what our society considers “average?” Absolutely not.

And yet tonight there will certainly be the posts that are some variation of….

“I wish I could look like them! They are sooooo [insert adjective here that I think I absolutely am NOT} OMG I wish I was that skinny/tall/blonde/leggy. “

Let’s have this talk….chances are you don’t look exactly like a Victoria’s Secret Model. You know what? You’re still beautiful. You’re still worthy of time. Respect. Love. And opportunity. Don’t use this as an opportunity to convince yourself of what you are not. Use this as an opportunity to look at some cute bra’s, drink some wine with your girlfriends, listen to overplayed pop music, and celebrate.

 Celebrate being a woman. Being a strong, capable, confident woman. The sooner you learn to embrace as much as you can about yourself, the happier your life will be. We all have things we are dissatisfied with, just as many of the woman who walk that runway probably do as well. Nobody looks in the mirror 100% of the time thinking “DANG, I’m fine.” Nope.

And remember…. As women the sooner we remember to stand together, the better. Care for your fellow women, respect your fellow women, and support your fellow women. Don’t use this as an opportunity to shame yourself or other women; it’s not the point. 

Now pour yourself some wine and enjoy the show J