Wednesday, February 27, 2013

No Vacancy

I know today is not Monday, and therefore not blog posting day, but today I was inspired to write. Why you may ask? Cause today someone was not all that nice to me. What made this more interesting? This person did not really know me at all.

Now all of us, at one point or another, have had our feelings hurt by someone. Whether it be through an argument, a work or relationship conflict, or a bully, it all just plain stinks. Sometimes we solve it with discussion, other times with chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. Usually, given a day or two, we move past the things that hurt us, and maybe given a month or many, we move past the people who do too.

Today, a person said something hurtful about me. Not about my character necessarily, or my integrity, but about their opinions of my life, my dreams, my perspective. Usually, my philosophy for mean people is this….

Some people are just mean. And you know the best way to handle it? Pray for them…and enjoy a glass of wine (Oreos also work very well, and now they make wine ice cream, whouda thunk?)

A great philosophy I think, but sometimes the wine and prayer doesn’t necessarily relieve our feelings of hurt over something. So when that is the case, let me remind you:

(Princess Diaries represent!)

When we allow the stinging words of others to make us feel hurt, we are allowing that person space in our minds, or hearts.  When we dwell on those things, we are merely taking our own valuable time and dedicating it to the person that hurt us. That is like going shopping and bringing that “friend” who will merely tell you that every outfit you choose “is just not for you.” Um hello? Buzzkill much. Don’t rent that space out in your heart to hurt, instead rent it out to shoes, chocolate, a good book, or some really solid girl time. For mean people you have No Vacancy. 

And what’s more, especially don’t rent that space out to people who don’t truly know you. What mere strangers say about you should not be worth an ounce of your time, unless it is Ryan Gosling. In which case listen up! 

Happy Wednesday, and may you celebrate the evening with chocolate! XOXO 

Monday, February 18, 2013

Patience is a Virtue (Blah, Blah, Blah)

Lately I have realized that I finally think I have a great grasp on what the Universe is trying to teach me right now: patience.

Patience in my personal, professional, and pageant life. Now ask my mother about me + patience and she is likely to say something similar to this….

“Natalie O’fallon wanted braces before she needed them, a car well before she had her license, and a college degree well before she began applying.” Hence, patience is not one of my particular virtues (I like to think buying shoes, eating, and teaching science may be my virtues of choice.) This has only become more pronounced lately as I feel myself getting frustrated by my “floundering” post-grad life.

As I have said before in my blog, I had very firm goals that I was hoping to accomplish by 23. As that age creeps closer and closer, I still can’t help but feel that sense of stress from having not accomplished that which I said I would. No full time teaching job, no graduate degree, no pageant title and no kitten? WHAT AM I DOING WITH MY LIFE? Just kidding….sort of. But in reality, I know that now, more than ever before, I’m being taught patience because there are other goals I need to accomplish in the mean time (obviously making homemade laundry detergent today is more important than a career, psh!)

No full time teaching job? No problem. I keep following my heart and knowing I will be placed in the right school, at the right time. AND I apply to positions for next year so I know I’m doing my part!

No graduate degree? Somehow my heart doesn’t totally break for this one. I start at GVSU in the fall, assuming I’m still in the Mitten. This brings me to my next point…

No pageant title? I have much to say for this one. I could not be more proud, or more blessed, than I have been this year competing. The growth, the love, the opportunities, the best friends, and the scholarship funds for graduate school, what is there not to be thankful for? My participation in MAO is about so much more than a title, and I know there are so very many women who agree.  Love all my girls.

Me amongst celebs (Miss Tip of the Mitt, Miss Capital City, and Miss Greater Grand Rapids)

No kitten? Win some, lose some. Tamale the Tuxedo Cat will come soon enough… (Whenever my will power is particularly low or I’m feeling sassy…)

So what is the point in all of this? The point is that sometimes, things are not going the way we planned, and we feel like we’re just in one VERY BIG waiting game, a chess match with life where each corner you turn results in check-mate. And there are usually two options, 1. Keep waiting grumpily, or 2. Keep waiting happily and live your life in the meantime. I vote you choose Option 2 as I have, as I find it involves a lot less pity chocolate eating and a lot more victory brownie eating.

Happy President's Day! Follow my blog above for weekly updates! 

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Courage. Lent. All That Good Stuff.

One of my girlfriends recently met up with her boyfriend (who had been having what can only be fondly called a really pathetic quarter-life crisis ) at which he asked for a few days “break” where they merely do not text or speak, but are still together. So what did she do?  He told her he wanted a few days break and she said, “You can have 40.” How is this funny you may ask…Here’s a riddle…

What starts Wednesday, lasts 40 days, and ends on Easter?


My friend gave up her loser boyfriend for Lent. You just reacted one of two ways, 1. You laughed until you cried (my reaction), or 2. You don’t really think loser boyfriends qualify for Lent. So allow me to ease your worries, she also gave up fast food. That totally counts.

The moral of this story? Sometimes you have to stick to your guns, do what YOU think is right for YOU, and go for something, even if it scares you. For some people this is giving up their boyfriend (and a modicum of stability) for Lent. For others it is taking that next risk in your personal or professional life.

Have courage.
Give up something for 40 days that no longer serves you well.
Maybe after 40 days, you will realize you were better off without it.  

Happy Tuesday bloggies! -Nat