Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Courage. Lent. All That Good Stuff.

One of my girlfriends recently met up with her boyfriend (who had been having what can only be fondly called a really pathetic quarter-life crisis ) at which he asked for a few days “break” where they merely do not text or speak, but are still together. So what did she do?  He told her he wanted a few days break and she said, “You can have 40.” How is this funny you may ask…Here’s a riddle…

What starts Wednesday, lasts 40 days, and ends on Easter?


My friend gave up her loser boyfriend for Lent. You just reacted one of two ways, 1. You laughed until you cried (my reaction), or 2. You don’t really think loser boyfriends qualify for Lent. So allow me to ease your worries, she also gave up fast food. That totally counts.

The moral of this story? Sometimes you have to stick to your guns, do what YOU think is right for YOU, and go for something, even if it scares you. For some people this is giving up their boyfriend (and a modicum of stability) for Lent. For others it is taking that next risk in your personal or professional life.

Have courage.
Give up something for 40 days that no longer serves you well.
Maybe after 40 days, you will realize you were better off without it.  

Happy Tuesday bloggies! -Nat 


  1. You're absolutely right, Natalie :) Many many years ago when I was a local titleholder (in the Eighties when the dinosaurs roamed the earth), my boyfriend received a drunk driving ticket. Back then, the only open pageant was Heart, so I competed at my local 4 years in a row to earn my title. I knew that he had driven drunk in the past, and expressed my concern, going as far as to say that if he got caught, we would break up.

    He did. Then I did. And then I met my husband. Remember girls, that you and your values are to be treasured!

    Theresa Kennedy
    (Erica's mom)

  2. Theresa,

    It is amazing how things work out for the best isn't it? You knew when it was wrong and recognized when it was right :) Thank you so much for your comments too and by the way, I don't think I ever saw any dinosaurs in 1989 ;)

    XOXO Natalie