Sunday, June 8, 2014

A Hiatus & New Start

It’s been awhile since I have committed to just about anything, including blogging. Except for that whole fiancĂ© business I have spent much of the last year in Survival Mode-that place where you’re just trying to get by. And I have gotten through many things over the past few months: the move, the other move, the buying of a home, the new city, the new job, the loss of MAO, the gain of a new volunteer endeavor, the new cat, and new dog, the acceptance of a new job offer, the engagement, and the loss of someone who meant the world to me. It’s been a whirlwind. I don’t think my brain has caught up to my body, or really that my brain has been wholly present as of late. The struggle post grad is REAL, the struggle after ending my MAO journey is REAL, and the struggle of adapting to so many major moments is REAL.
Now that the school year has ended, and life has slowed down, I was able to realize I needed something; something to focus on, I needed to be frank with myself and that meant evaluating my own happiness. Now there are plenty of you thinking “Focus on your wedding,” and I’m sure I could do that (and trust me, I’m planning away ☺,) but what I really need is to focus on me a bit more.
And in typical me fashion I needed a large-scale goal that was 1. Reflective, 2. Attainable, and 3. Not something that would become a burden but something that would be a blessing.
I’m doing 365 Days of Happy. 365 Days of blogs, I’m sure some will be MUCH longer than others. It’s sort of my extension of the Instagram/Facebook 100 Happy Days challenge. I am in the midst of that challenge (Day 85) and I realize it isn’t giving me what I need. So I’m doing my own thing. Now I’m thinking there is probably someone who has done this before, pause as I Google it….

Couldn’t find much. Guess I’m the first crazy person. Let’s pretend we’re shocked……oh wait…

In doing 365 Days of Happy blogging I’m committing to a few things:

1. My physical health 2. My spiritual health 3. My mental wellbeing 4. My relationships 5. My Bucket List

These are the things I will choose to pursue for my happiness. These are the things I will spend my energy thinking of. I’m also choosing to do this on a separate blogging platform, as a sort of standalone. Red Hot Tempered needs a Red Hot Hiatus. I also like to think it gives me anonymity….except for the 600 odd Facebook friends I share it with.

So the start of something new, my 365 Days of Happy….I hope next year isn’t a Leap Year….This is where I focus on meaningful reflection and all of the things that make me happy.

Happily, Red