Red Hot Girl

Temper |ˈtempər| (Verb)

     Improve the consistency or resiliency of (a substance) by heating it or adding particular substances to it.

When I asked a trusted friend what I should call my overhauled new blog, her first suggestion was Red Hot Tempered. I knew it was perfect. Not only does it reflect my red head roots, but it plays on a word that has often come up in my 20's. More than one ex-boyfriend has thrown the word temper around in a less than flattering manner in my time, but to me this word stood out because of the definition above. 

I wanted a blog that, moving forward, was a strong reflection of the direction I am moving. 


Resilient. Because that word has defined my twenties to date, and it is a word I return to more and more. 

My name is Natalie. Welcome to Red Hot Tempered. 

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