Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Following my Bliss

Today is the first day of spring!  Even though it might not feel like it where you are….especially if you’re in Michigan.  Maybe if we keep thinking springy thoughts all the snow will melt….

So a few weeks ago I wrote about decisions, and how I either have 27 to make at once, or none at all. Last weekend was a perfect example of this. On Thursday night I was offered a position to teach back in my old college town. I had to make the decision in approximately 3 hours. No big deal right? End lease. Find new lease. Move. Bring Peaches. Start job in 2 days. Obviously really simple.

I made a decision, encouraged by others, that I was not very confident in to move back. And it took all of one car ride to make me realize, this was not where my heart was. Now, anyone who has made a choice and had a change of heart knows that telling those you care about can be really challenging. Calling my mom and telling her to trust me on this one, and that I was changing my mind, was not a phone call I ever wanted to make, especially at 2 a.m. Lucky for me, my mom is probably the most understanding human in the world. Peaches is definitely the most understanding cat.

There are a few important morals here. I made a few mistakes, and did a few things correctly.

Mistake 1….Not trusting my gut. I did not ever jump for joy about moving back or taking this job, and it was something that I knew in my heart I was not sure about. Instead, I listened to my friends as they encouraged me, because I have GREAT friends, when I should have been more forthcoming about my feelings to them.

Mistake 2…Waking my mom up at 2:00 a.m., clearly I should have called her before 10….at least.

Thing I Did Right 1…Instead of “sticking it out” and doing something that I knew in my heart wasn’t right I told people how I felt (eventually), and stuck to my guns. If you have ever had to tell your parents something that you knew they probably wouldn’t be crazy about you know that it can be really not fun. Like eating celery not fun. Like sleepless nights not fun. And like running out of Oreos not fun.

BUT it is always better to follow your bliss, than try to do things to make others happy. Always. That is the second thing I did right. Followed my bliss. And that is something to be proud of.

So here I sit, still in the big city, and currently an unemployed teacher. Although I am pleased to say I have begun receiving offers for next year, although none in Michigan so far…patience…. My new resolution for the next few months? Learn to relax. Yup. That and become an accomplished pastry chef.

Happy Spring XOXO 

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