Wednesday, March 13, 2013


So here is my list of reasons why my blog is two days late…..

1. It is challenging to type when this sits on your keyboard FOR AN HOUR.

 Meet Peaches Cat

2. I was sorta busy attempting to coordinate a 1,600 mile trip to Vermont that culminated in utterfailure (but hey, Utah went better).

3. I decided it was a much better way to spend my day in the doctors office for hours….obviously.

As you can tell maybe my excuses are really invalid/crummy. Although I give the first credit because she is cute at the very least.  

Where to begin? Well the theme this week is your circumstances. You know those pesky things that you don’t think you have any control over? The “facts” of your life that are what they are, no changing them.

 Where you live?
Who you surround yourself?
What you’re doing?
 Where you’re working?
What happens to you?

Those are what many would call your circumstances. And realtalk, sometimes those are the things that drive you CRAZY. Those are the things you might be mad about, lose the most sleep over, or get eat-an-entire-pint-of-ice-cream frustrated with.

They also happen to be the things that people so often preach to you about. “Oh, you don’t like your circumstances? Well change them!” Now sometimes this is great advice, absolutely change what makes you unhappy in your life, go for it! I’m all about it. BUT sometimes you and I both know that you can’t always change your circumstances, so we need an alternate way of thinking.

There are circumstances in my life right now I cannot change. There are cards I have been dealt that I have to deal with. Now, what if I change the word “deal” to the word “work?” Then that sentence becomes, “There are cards I have been dealt that I have to work with. Doesn’t that sound much better? (Teacher moment right there!) So when you get frustrated, or the ice cream runs out, remember that you were given this circumstance because you can handle it, and embrace it. 

Hope your week is full of good news, easy decisions, and a few circumstances worth embracing. 
XOXO Natalie 

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