Monday, March 4, 2013

Decisions, Decisions

This last week was one of those moderately overwhelming weeks full of big girl responsibility; a new job cause I definitely don’t have enough things to do, many a teaching interview, my final local pageant of the season, an obsessive need to adopt a kitten, and a myriad of concerns that could make even the most sane 20-something eat a cheer-me-up-hotdog (Thank you Yesterdog).

As a 20-something I find there is something universally true about this age, and it may be true of all ages. Either nothing happens, or everything happens at once. You either have no life changing decisions, or you have 7 to make within a 12 hour time span. This can lead to two types of stress, 1. Severe Restlessness or 2. Severe Burn-out.

Lately, my life has had modicums of both. The months leading up to graduation were INSANE. I worked 80-90 hours, slept about 3, and competed in 6 pageants. The months since graduation? I have had alternating weeks of equal parts chaos and absolutely nothing. 

Tomorrow I interview for four out of state teaching positions that if I were to be offered, would create a VERY big decision to be made. These huge decisions become increasingly more common in college, and after.

Do I live here?
Do I take this job?
What about that internship?
Is this job worth it?
What if it doesn’t work out?
How cold is it really in Alaska?

These decisions cause me to eat, take bubble baths, go to yoga, and, as I mentioned, want to adopt a kitten. They have this impact on a lot of young people my age. The important thing? To realize that you have made plenty of good decisions before, so trust your instincts. At the end of the day, some choices are mistakes we learn from, some are the best of our life, some take awhile to determine, some our parents don’t agree with, and some they convince themselves was their decision in the first place.

Either way, I promise the world won’t end. I really do. And here’s a good reminder from Post Secret…

So in my last full month as a 22 year old, I will cut myself some slack, make many pro-con lists, and make some decisions for my future. I will also adopt a kitten. Sorry Mom. If you’re reading this I love you :)

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