Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Mitten Love

As I prepare to move, I have 5 or so To-Do lists strewn about my apartment at any given time with tasks ranging from “SPAY PEACHES” (Thank you Bob Barker) to “Remove Chafonda” (only me I swear…) I’m also adding new things every single day.

And of course, as I figure out where I'm living, and the lay of the land in Utah, I also think of all the reasons I love my motherland (Not Ireland in this case but Michigan). I love where I'm from and here's just a small glimpse why....

Because I get to show off my complete wardrobe every day from my coat, to boots, to capris, to flip-flops. In Michigan we call that April.

This is Easter. That is snow. And leggings. And flats. 

Because I don’t need a GPS. I have a hand.

 The dot is my hometown. 

Da Mitten 

Because only in Michigan do you get views like these:

My experience gliding over Frankfort, MI. Lake Michigan as far as you can see.

Because we celebrate cherries and lilacs amongst many other inanimate objects in weeklong festivals with thousands of attendees.

And we take our cherries very seriously. 

Because we’re Bipeninsular and proud.

Proud Yooper sign at the Garlyn Zoo from my trip there!

Because we use our 60,000+ lakes in many different ways. Our rivers too.

Enjoying Pere Marquette with Miss Michigan!

Baptism in Lake Michigan

Excellent family photo backdrop.

Because we have the prettiest people. I mean really. 

Because we have giraffes in the wild. Here's proof:

Because even our ice is shaped like a mitten.

Because how many other states can have a title called "Miss Tip of the Mitt?"

Because in Michigan it's easy to feel like you're in the most beautiful place in the world. 

Pyramid Point, a little slice of Heaven.

I love the state that has made me who I am. I will always be a Michigander at heart. 

Why do you love Michigan? I'm sure it's because of the pretty people. They suck you in. 

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