Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Don't Let Your Fear Decide Your Fate

We have officially survived day two of our epic adventure. I’m sitting in Cheyenne, Wyoming, also known as “Cowboy Country” eating sushi (weird mix I know). Today was highlighted by: Nebraska.

For those of you who are planning your next family vacation/road trip let me make some recommendations: don’t drive through Nebraska. If the dense fog, endless corn fields, longest single interstate straightaway in the country, or the 400 mile wide state don’t turn you away, then maybe the fact that the highway is missing in half the state will. BUT we made it safely to Wyoming, which has already won me over more than Nebraska (Sorry cornhuskers!)

The middle of any long move is the hardest time. For me, yesterday was “easy.” We had just left home and had eagerness on our side, and tomorrow as we pull into SLC we have excitement on our side. (Plus you have the best road snacks the first day!) Today though, in the middle of the country, I am over 1,100 miles from my old home, and nearly 450 away from my new one. And this is the beginning of a transition that will probably take a while. And on my top ten list of favorite things to do, transitions aren’t my favorite. They’re a solid 36.

But there is a theme for the day. Matt kept playing a song every few hours and the chorus said “Don’t let your fear decide your fate.” It. Was. Perfect. My fears about this huge move, and all of these transitions, were certainly surfacing on day two and this was my gentle reminder to take it all in stride. Allowing my fear to take control and consume me was only going to make the transition so much worse. So this evening, I deep breathe, snuggle Peaches, and look forward to arriving in my new home tomorrow!

Here are some pictures from today!

Peaches, probably begging me to not stuff her in the car again!

So much Nebraska fog.

This was train #8 today.

Wyoming: already a HUGE improvement on Nebraska.

Sushi :)

Delicious Japanese food. YUM.

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